quapona technologies

It’s part of human nature to incessantly create new possibilities or improve things that already exist. Some important inventions came about by chance, or as an unexpected result of looking for something else.

But that’s more the exception than the rule. Inventions and innovations are the result of knowledge, creativity and organisation. That’s why at quapona® technologies there are clear guidelines for research, based on the idea of promoting those three conditions.


Invention and innovation

Companies that enter the market with genuine innovations give themselves an outstanding competitive edge. At quapona® technologies, scientists and engineers develop solutions for markets and society through collaborative creative processes. We don’t just rely on what’s familiar or tried and tested: quapona® technologies is a pathfinder, explorer, inventor and developer. Embedded in an international network of research institutions and universities, and with our own fundamental research division, we at quapona® technologies occupy pole position in forward-looking technologies.

Research topics

Our current topics of scientific research include, for example:

  • Accelerating biomedical computer calculations (e.g. for cancer research and diagnosis)
  • Low-level computer security
  • Optimising electromyostimulation
  • Biovital sensor technology

Products for the future

According to the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, ‘the development of information and communication technologies (ICT) is the driver for fundamental innovations in production and services. The continuing development of this technology is crucial to remaining internationally competitive in the future’ (source: www.bmbf.de)

This idea isn’t new. In his Theory of Economic Development (1st edition, 1912), the Austro-American economist Joseph Alois Schumpeter already recognised that innovations could secure a competitive edge and even have a disruptive effect on entire national economies taking them to new levels of efficiency. At their core, both statements mean the same thing, and they’re frequently ignored in the everyday development work of other companies. Forward-looking research efforts in the field of information and communication technology to benefit product innovation are a core concern of quapona® technologies.