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The Company

The Company

quapona® technologies has set itself the challenge of conducting research and development ‘made in Germany’ in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) at the highest international level. Technologies that improve data and functional security at all software and hardware levels are among the core competencies of quapona® technologies. Whether it’s part of a complex project or a prototype total solution: quapona® technologies builds on existing or recently developed hardware to turn challenging information and communication solutions into reality.

Our clients include companies, organisations and public authorities. Through our innovation process, we help our customers to create innovative, competitive products with their technologies and the techniques deriving from them, and to establish or consolidate a major advantage in the marketplace.

As a new-generation ICT company, we’ve recognised the need to carry out our customers’ projects and fulfil their goals. Information and communication technologies demand an active interplay between scientifically informed exploration of the basic foundations, agile and forward-looking development, and consultation with the customers on an even footing in all essential areas of the project.

Based on this understanding, quapona® technologies can offer its customers and scientific partners all the required services – fine-tuned to the individual focus of the project.

It’s part of human nature to incessantly create new possibilities or improve things that already exist. Some important inventions came about by chance, or as an unexpected result of looking for something else.

Stable, efficient and marketable developments are a key concern of ours. The results of our own research help us to develop with an eye to the future.
At quapona® technologies, all aspects of the development of electronic systems – conception, organisation and execution – are exclusively targeted towards the needs of their future users.

Pathbreaking ideas for products or processes are the result of an intensive process. The first questions to be asked are often:

  • Can this idea be realised at all?
  • How long would it take to realise it?
  • What does it cost to implement the idea?

The quapona® technologies team of experts helps with the analysis and response.

At quapona® technologies, our ability to deliver rests on an experienced team of specialists. Under the guidance of a creative management team with business experience, the company turns challenging, forward-thinking ideas into reality – in ‘made in Germany’ style.

Jörn Hoffmann is CTO and co-founder of quapona® technologies. He is responsible for the creative processes preceding and accompanying research and development in the company.

Frank Güttler is Managing Director and co-founder of quapona® technologies. His key responsibilities include corporate management and strategic positioning of the company.

From its inception, quapona® technologies has been solidly integrated in a network of innovative partners and research institutes.

The Institute of Computer Science (IfI) can be found under the umbrella of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Leipzig University.

Founded in 2006, InfAI – Institute for Applied Informatics e.V. – has made the non-profit promotion of science and research in the areas of computer science and business informatics its mission.

The research project ‘ScaDS Dresden/Leipzig – Competence Center for Scalable Data Services and Solutions’ is being supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the ‘Competence centres for the intelligent use of big data’ funding programme.

The foundations of quapona® technologies were laid in October 2013 as a logical result of scientific research and development work.

Jörn Hoffmann and Frank Güttler – both leading research assistants in the Faculty of Technical Computer Science at Leipzig University – and Falk Lehman, a private investor with many years’ experience in modern corporate management, pooled their competencies to form a collective technology start-up, at that time still known as xceeth technologies.

Since then, the scientifically and creatively oriented team of engineers – which includes computer scientists, electronics engineers, electronics technicians and aerospace engineers – has continually expanded.

With the aid of intensive collaboration with German colleges and universities, it has been possible to reinterpret exciting, interdisciplinary fields of activity.

The same strong commitment to science, education and research has also been demonstrated by the intensive involvement of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in scientific projects, as part of its high-tech strategy and the ‘Digital Society’ initiative.

As a result of our informed scientific work, customers in over 39 countries across five continents have already benefited from quapona® research and development services in 2015 alone.

In November 2015, following an increase in capital, the company was renamed quapona® technologies, with the aim of further promoting this development and establishing a global technology brand.

Forschung und Entwicklung 2016 printAls deutsches Forschungs- und Entwicklungsunternehmen unterstützen wir aktiv die Forschungslandschaft in Deutschland. Hierfür wurde quapona technologies mit dem Forschungssiegel des Stifterverbandes ausgezeichnet.