quapona technologies

The digitalisation of the world is changing our lives and work in manifold ways. Modern information and communication technologies have turned everyday objects into smart things that can be controlled via software and linked to the outside world, or amongst themselves, through the Internet.
All these things are based on cyber-physical systems(CPS). These networked embedded systems link everyday objects with intelligent control processes. Integrated into many everyday objects, they have begun to connect the real and virtual worlds. Soon, CPS will make this networking the universal norm.

In future, cyber-physical systems will contribute to quality of life, safety, efficiency and security of supply in the areas of energy, water and medicine, thus helping to solve key challenges facing our society.
For instance, modern smart health systems use sensors to gather health data and network patients, doctors and therapists with one another, in order to avoid the need for remote diagnostics and improve at-home medical care. Smart cyber-physical systems monitor and control the flow of traffic and reduce consumption and load in energy networks.