quapona technologies

The economy is on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution. Driven on by the Internet, the real and virtual worlds are merging, a process supported by the Industry 4.0 future project. quapona® technologies considers Industry 4.0 as more than a contemporary buzzword. For us, it is the path leading to the digitisation of industry.
Demands to make products highly individualised, and to enable highly flexible production, make it necessary to involve customers and business partners directly in the manufacturing process and with each other. In addition, there is a growing effort to connect products with high-quality services. Only smart monitoring and decision-making processes can fulfil these requirements, and control and optimise supply chains and companies in real time.

Perfectly matched software/hardware systems, whose complexity will continue to increase in the course of Industry 4.0-driven development, will make a decisive contribution to this.
quapona® systems are developed in an economically sustainable manner, are powerful, reliable, and remain manageable despite their increasing complexity.
A further requirements package in industry 4.0 development is IT security. Data need to be secure and trade secrets kept secret; under no circumstances should internal knowledge of a company go ‘missing’ to the competition. At the same time, IT security must not become a structural or temporal burden.
Through its own fundamental research and development, and with the latest technologies, quapona® technologies provides the necessary IT security mechanisms for all the required layers of an Industry 4.0 system, at the same time comprehensively fulfilling the demands of modern operating concepts.