quapona technologies

For companies, organisations and public authorities, applications programmes based on up-to-date standards are an absolute must for the user-friendly, efficient networking and interlocking of processes and technologies. Custom-fit applications improve operational processes where standard software is inadequate.

The applications from quapona® technologies are impressive due to their solid architecture – developed with cutting-edge methods and tools.

The quapona® development team consists of interdisciplinary specialists. This results in an in-depth understanding of present and future demands. We collaborate with our customers to help them specify these demands at the start of a project. This allows us to transfer and apply methods and technologies that have already been successfully tested.

The focal points of our application programming are resource-optimised developments using cross-platform source code, as well as expert systems based on artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analysis.

Service-based scalable server services

Service-based systems are an easy-maintenance, cost-effective further development of conventional server solutions.

During downtime or maintenance work on individual components, a highly available infrastructure ensures that the entire running system cannot be influenced. Additionally, companies and organisations benefit from high flexibility when user numbers change, because scalable server services can be adapted to the necessary resources requirement at any time. It’s just as simple to integrate existing, non-web-enabled services or functions as to migrate existing solutions to service-based systems.

The intelligent combination of start-of-the-art technologies from the container services sector with the use of modern programming languages therefore provides every industry and practically any application use with a future-proof, high-performance solution.