quapona technologies

Security of information and data is one of the cornerstones of corporate success. And it’s an equally basic requirement of our modern society. As the digital, networked world expands, the demands for ‘security’ are subjected to incessant change. Information and communication technology in particular, which is intruding into ever more aspects of our life and work, harbours risks. As with any vital nerve, the smallest malfunctions can have catastrophic consequences. Ongoing research is important to keep up with the constantly evolving demands and to be equipped to face the current threat level.

As one of its core concerns, quapona® technologies unceasingly asks itself vital questions on the topic of IT security in the course of its research and development work in information and communication technology. Security research at quapona® technologies embraces the following topics:

  • Research into proactive security mechanisms
  • Research into reactive security mechanisms
  • Information security systems
  • Developing security circuits
  • Developing special security features for embedded systems
  • Security mechanisms for operating systems
  • Developing secure applications
  • Secure network technology
  • Secure payment transactions