quapona technologies

Integrated circuits (ICs) are the hub of our digitalised society and the basis of every complicated electronics system.

An important driver for innovation is the scaling-down of microelectronic circuits to ever smaller dimensions. As early as 1965, the semiconductor pioneer Gordon Moore described this mainspring of the digital revolution, later to be postulated by others in the form of Moore’s Law.
The particular research interests of quapona® technologies are, firstly, reducing the cost and resource factor in the development of integrated circuits and, secondly, developing innovative and novel digital systems.

To put this into practice, quapona® experts work in the fields of digital signal processing, measurement and control technology, right up to FPGA and ASIC processor design.

High innovation speed, fast development phases and short product launch cycles form the focus of our attention. quapona® technologies guarantees that it can take care of the entire development cycle – from brainstorming and requirements analysis through to preparation for mass production.