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The microservices architecture pattern (also known as ‘self-contained system’) divides a system into many small, simple modules. But, taken as a whole, many small parts result in a more complex system – right?

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For years, the ‘Embedded World Exhibition & Conference’ has been attracting large numbers of visitors and is considered to be the leading international fair for embedded systems, appealing to students, young entrepreneurs and industry giants in equal measure with its complex range of products and services.

This year's ISPO gets underway tomorrow in Munich and runs from the 24th to 27.01.2016. The four-day event has been a popular meeting place for the international sport business elite for over 40 years.


To be fair, it's not just nerds that work at quapona® technologies. But there's certainly no reason to celebrate Christmas without stormtroopers, R2-D2, C-3PO, Master Yoda and Darth Vader!

Along with digital structural change in modern service sectors, companies are facing increasing pressure to adapt to changing conditions, processes and systems due to the immense input of information and innovation. Appropriate data management provides a wide range of advanced capabilities to efficiently further develop technologies in line with both market and competency requirements.

On 1 December 2015, at the Information and Networking Day in Brussels, the European Commission focussed on ‘H2020's ICT-15 Big Data PPP: Large Scale Pilot actions in sectors best benefiting from data-driven innovation,’ more commonly called ‘Lighthouse Projects’.

On 1 December, the European Commission invites you to Brussels for an event called ‘Horizon 2020 – Calls Info Day’ dedicated to the important topic ‘Smart World’.

It’s virtually uncontested that the digitalisation of various sectors is permeating more and more areas of our everyday life and is constantly expanding. But to what extent will this process continue to effect society, politics and economics? What opportunities and risks lurk within it? What predictions are being made about life and technology in ten years’ time?

What happened last night is hard to express in words. The attacks in Paris have shaken all staff at quapona® to the core. We are speechless about this violence, and our thoughts go to all the people of Paris. We extend our condolences to all those affected as well as their friends and families.

On 13 November 2015, ScaDS Dresden/Leipzig – the big data competence centre – is organising a workshop on the topic ‘Big Data in Business’. This one-day information event will offer users interested in big data technologies from the worlds of business and research the opportunity to learn about new discoveries and challenges and exchange their experiences.

Right on schedule at the start of the week, our completely overhauled Internet site was launched on the web. It’s not just the design that’s been changed. We’re now also reinforcing and further expanding our online presence, as well as providing our customers and partners with plentiful information.

The 2015 Leipzig Business Run was a test run in the most literal sense of the word: already the xceeth technologies runners were taking up positions on the starting line under the name ‘quapona®’. Today, it’s official: xceeth has morphed into quapona.

The ‘quapona’ team from xceeth technologies has already taken part in the Leipzig Business Run for the second time. Together with 12,000 other runners, it tackled a 5-km course round Leipzig’s Red Bull Arena.


p>This morning, the moon once again sneaked between the Sun and the Earth. However, the event was only partially visible in Germany. For all that, there was no stopping our team from witnessing the spectacle. At our Leipzig location, the highpoint was attained as 10:44 am.

On the evening of 2 December 2014, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and Wissenschaft im DIALOG – both supporters of Science Year 2014 – invited us to an end-of-year celebration in Berlin. Alongside Research Minister Professor Johanna Wanka, representatives of the science and business communities discussed this year’s topic: The Digital Society.

Since 2001, UNESCO has held World Science Day every year on 10 November. The event is a product of the World Science Conference, which UNESCO and the International Council for Science (ICSU) organised in Budapest in 1999. The outcome documents expressly underscored the significance of science for peace and development.

Forschung und Entwicklung 2016 printAls deutsches Forschungs- und Entwicklungsunternehmen unterstützen wir aktiv die Forschungslandschaft in Deutschland. Hierfür wurde quapona technologies mit dem Forschungssiegel des Stifterverbandes ausgezeichnet.