quapona technologies

Development of the company

Development of the company

The foundations of quapona® technologies were laid in October 2013 as a logical result of scientific research and development work.

Jörn Hoffmann and Frank Güttler – both leading research assistants in the Faculty of Technical Computer Science at Leipzig University – and Falk Lehman, a private investor with many years’ experience in modern corporate management, pooled their competencies to form a collective technology start-up, at that time still known as xceeth technologies.

Since then, the scientifically and creatively oriented team of engineers – which includes computer scientists, electronics engineers, electronics technicians and aerospace engineers – has continually expanded.

With the aid of intensive collaboration with German colleges and universities, it has been possible to reinterpret exciting, interdisciplinary fields of activity.

The same strong commitment to science, education and research has also been demonstrated by the intensive involvement of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in scientific projects, as part of its high-tech strategy and the ‘Digital Society’ initiative.

As a result of our informed scientific work, customers in over 39 countries across five continents have already benefited from quapona® research and development services in 2015 alone.

In November 2015, following an increase in capital, the company was renamed quapona® technologies, with the aim of further promoting this development and establishing a global technology brand.