quapona technologies

Stable, efficient and marketable developments are a key concern of ours. The results of our own research help us to develop with an eye to the future.
At quapona® technologies, all aspects of the development of electronic systems – conception, organisation and execution – are exclusively targeted towards the needs of their future users.

quapona®ProJet development method

There’s a vast range of agile methods and philosophies that can be used in classic software or hardware development to efficiently implement development goals. However, these previously proved inadequate to meet our demands at quapona® technologies. A more efficient system than scrum, extreme programming, lean development or prototyping was needed.

As the result of an intensive analytical and creative process, we developed quapona®ProJet. With this new agile development method, both software and hardware projects can be efficiently executed without forfeiting the creativity that’s needed for the development process. Working in clearly defined and demarcated divisions, individual development teams – so-called ‘Jets’ – ensure that tasks are implemented with targeted accuracy. Qualitative or quantitative changes can be made in the course of the project, without putting the costs, quality or deadline of the entire project at risk.

Development environment

Our integrated development environment is geared towards optimised software and hardware development. According to the project requirements, all relevant programming languages can be used. The choice ranges from Assembler, C++, C# and Objective-C through to Java, Go and Dart. This puts us in a position to develop a multitude of innovations for embedded systems and applications on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, iOS and Android, including cross-platform ones.

An important aspect of our development work is the consistent use of test-driven development (TDD). This enables us to create not only clean code, but also tested programmes.


Prototype implementation forms an important milestone within our quapona®ProJet development. It completes informed testing processes and enables theory to be constructively adapted to practice. The entire system – application software, electronics, mechanics and design – is crucial to product success, particularly in connection with required certification for the European or international market. Thanks to their early verification of the components developed and used, our prototypes avoid high modification costs in future series production.