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Company divisions

Company divisions

As a new-generation ICT company, we’ve recognised the need to carry out our customers’ projects and fulfil their goals. Information and communication technologies demand an active interplay between scientifically informed exploration of the basic foundations, agile and forward-looking development, and consultation with the customers on an even footing in all essential areas of the project.

Based on this understanding, quapona® technologies can offer its customers and scientific partners all the required services – fine-tuned to the individual focus of the project.

It’s part of human nature to incessantly create new possibilities or improve things that already exist. Some important inventions came about by chance, or as an unexpected result of looking for something else.

Stable, efficient and marketable developments are a key concern of ours. The results of our own research help us to develop with an eye to the future.
At quapona® technologies, all aspects of the development of electronic systems – conception, organisation and execution – are exclusively targeted towards the needs of their future users.

Pathbreaking ideas for products or processes are the result of an intensive process. The first questions to be asked are often:

  • Can this idea be realised at all?
  • How long would it take to realise it?
  • What does it cost to implement the idea?

The quapona® technologies team of experts helps with the analysis and response.