quapona technologies

For its ‘CAR CULTURE: media of mobility’ exhibition, the Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe produced an augmented reality installation. Exhibition visitors received additional computer-generated information not available in the real museum space itself via an Apple iPad.

Traffic flows, generated from up-to-date reports, were displayed visually in the form of a pulsating sculpture. The data used were taken from information obtained in real time from DDG Gesellschaft für Verkehrsdaten mbH. Besides its artistic function, the traffic sculpture also functioned as a road map with specific geographical references. With the aid of their iPad, exhibition visitors could see virtual lines on the map above their heads, at the ends of which were displayed panoramic views of institutions, objects and sites connected with the motor car and its history. Using the tablet to enter one of these virtual panoramas allowed the presented image to be experienced as if it were real. In order to implement this project, a solution was developed to localise the iPads in enclosed spaces.

Exhibition website "Traffic 2011"