quapona technologies

With a mainframe, it’s necessary to have priority-controlled access to operating resources, since several different applications use the computer (or computer network) at the same time, and therefore a way of distributing resources (workload) in accordance with users’ wishes has to be implemented. The division of this workload and the assignment of operating resources within computer systems is handled by the workload manager, a key component of the operating system.

Besides mainframes, the IT infrastructure of large companies typically consists of a large number of additional non-mainframe servers. These are responsible for specific tasks such as cryptography (secure socket layer), LDAP directory services, routing, network management, business intelligence, presentation logic, SAP server, web application server and many more.

The aim of the integrated WLM project is to extend the control options of the IBM mainframe operating system components z/OS WLM to this divided server infrastructure. To this end, we are developing novel workload manager algorithms using intelligent algorithms capable of integrating even heterogeneous IT architectures. With the aid of precise predictions for probable dynamic load fluctuations over a period of several hours, a company’s entire IT resources can be efficiently used to capacity.