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Smart World

Smart World

The future has begun. Cars can avoid obstacles automatically, and machines can place orders for missing materials on their own.

The merging of the real and the digital world is no longer science fiction. We’re surrounded by everyday objects that exchange information via the Internet, thereby creating an ‘Internet of Things’.

This ceaseless proliferation of digital devices, and the behaviour of humans themselves, provides numerous opportunities for businesses and consumers.

Used intelligently, these smart systems can ameliorate a considerable number of the issues of our modern times – from climate change to a better work-life balance.

The digitalisation of the world is changing our lives and work in manifold ways. Modern information and communication technologies have turned everyday objects into smart things that can be controlled via software and linked to the outside world, or amongst themselves, through the Internet.
All these things are based on cyber-physical systems(CPS). These networked embedded systems link everyday objects with intelligent control processes. Integrated into many everyday objects, they have begun to connect the real and virtual worlds. Soon, CPS will make this networking the universal norm.

The economy is on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution. Driven on by the Internet, the real and virtual worlds are merging, a process supported by the Industry 4.0 future project. quapona® technologies considers Industry 4.0 as more than a contemporary buzzword. For us, it is the path leading to the digitisation of industry.
Demands to make products highly individualised, and to enable highly flexible production, make it necessary to involve customers and business partners directly in the manufacturing process and with each other. In addition, there is a growing effort to connect products with high-quality services. Only smart monitoring and decision-making processes can fulfil these requirements, and control and optimise supply chains and companies in real time.