quapona technologies

Thanks to the ongoing digitalisation of content, the integration of sensor technology into everyday devices and the creation of intelligent, networked environments in business and private life, the volume of data produced is incessantly on the increase. Processing the vast amounts of diverse data produced in this way is one of the most significant challenges of our time.
Big data harbours great potential, and is going to make long-term changes to the way businesses make decisions and the most diverse scientific disciplines conduct research.

At the same time, fully justified calls for the responsible handling of these data and the new, intelligent big data technologies are becoming ever more vociferous.

The Competence Center for Scalable Data Services (ScaDS), led by Professor Nagel at the Dresden University of Technology – one of two big data competence centres in Germany – is researching and developing a portfolio of big data solutions for business and industry. quapona® technologies is participating as a partner in this quest for the intelligent, socially responsible processing of large, heterogeneous data volumes and, to this end, is developing the required security and parallelisation technologies for big data.