quapona technologies

On the evening of 2 December 2014, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and Wissenschaft im DIALOG – both supporters of Science Year 2014 – invited us to an end-of-year celebration in Berlin. Alongside Research Minister Professor Johanna Wanka, representatives of the science and business communities discussed this year’s topic: The Digital Society.

‘We want people to be able to move in the digital world autonomously and safely. Technological advance enables us to enjoy a better life, but naturally it’s not free of risks. We take people’s reservations and concerns seriously, and want to better inform them about the opportunities and limits of a digital society. Explanation and dialogue about the current state of research create acceptance and orientation,’ explained Research Minister Johanna Wanka.


In this years’ university competition, xceeth technologies supported Leipzig University students who won an award for their research project ‘Bottl(e)mail – the digital bottle post’. As a result, they and the xceeth technologies management team were invited to present their project to guests at the end-of-year event and forge new contacts.