quapona technologies

The 2015 Leipzig Business Run was a test run in the most literal sense of the word: already the xceeth technologies runners were taking up positions on the starting line under the name ‘quapona®’. Today, it’s official: xceeth has morphed into quapona.

Since it was founded in autumn 2013, the start-up company xceeth has always been able to demonstrate continuous, successful development of its core business. The number of staff has multiplied, and additional business sectors besides research and development have been opened up. Company policy is more intensively focussed on the international market.

To adequately reflect these broader challenges, xceeth technologies became the first company of the new quapona® group. The quapona® brand stands for a new business generation that wants to play a positive role in shaping the future of people and society through a sustainable corporate vision.

As a logical consequence, and to situate it unambiguously within the quapona® group, the company has now been renamed quapona technologies GmbH and entered in the commercial register of the Leipzig regional court on 29 October 2015.