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quapona® technologies

Our staff are the key to our business success. Their commitment, knowledge and competence are decisive for the quality of our services and products.

The way we behave as employers is an important factor in the competition for the best minds in the industry.

We regard the long-term economic efficiency of quapona® technologies as an indispensable part of responsible corporate policy.

As a new-generation company, we wish to be an attractive employer that rewards services appropriately, offers opportunities for development, and shapes the future in collaboration with our employees. Support for your commitment and satisfaction, a working environment free from discrimination, and equal professional opportunities are our top priorities.

Mutual esteem is the basis of motivation and loyalty. For us, it forms the basis for winning and maintaining trust in quapona® technologies.

As a forward-looking, owner-managed company, a sound balance between work and private life is particularly close to our hearts. It’s only when our staff cope successfully with the demands of work and family that they can give above-average commitment. As far as the company’s organisational and economic possibilities permit, we provide maximum flexibility for individual lifestyles. And different phases of an employee’s life are consciously taken into account when making our decisions.

Active involvement of staff is practised on an everyday basis. It results in countless measures that constantly improve working conditions and collaboration, as well as enhance equal opportunities. All quapona® technologies staff are equipped with an interdisciplinary range of competencies and can thus respond better to fluctuating market demands. Encouraging this diversity through education and further training is an existential duty for us.