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Over the years, information and communication technology (ICT) has evolved into the catalyst for entire industries, making it one of the most important drivers for innovation on the planet. It forms the basis for innovative products, improved processes and custom-fit services. The technological innovations accompanying this development change our lives every day in a way that no technology has ever done before. This revolution is driven by innovative start-up companies like quapona® technologies.

quapona® technologies is an ICT research and development company from Germany with a universal outlook. From smart applications and embedded electronic systems to self-assembling robots, we design and execute complex, demanding projects – always spurred on by the challenge to make something better, quicker and more effective.

quapona® technologies is characterised by short innovation cycles and a wide field of application for information and communication technology. Besides technical expertise, overarching knowledge of the subject and swift action are of central importance to us in the creation of our products and services. In these fast-moving times, this provides a guarantee for the dynamism and acceptance of our products.

This is why quapona® research works in close collaboration with leading international universities and colleges. Our team of highly qualified, committed staff is well placed to efficiently link research with practice and pursue developments that point to the future.
quapona® technologies helps you overcome the technological challenges of the present and the future. We’re equally at home in the ‘Internet of things’ or the future project ‘Industry 4.0’. We know the markets, deliver cutting-edge expertise, and create tomorrow’s information and communication technologies today.

In our Tech blog we informed quickly and comprehensively about technologies and developments - directly from our development department. Here are our recent publications:

Practical Guide to Self-Contained Systems


Today we live in a containerized world. Applications are getting larger and larger but still need to be as modular as possible. This is a major challenge for companies, especially for big corporations. Modularity will boost companies by allowing smaller development teams and giving the possibility to reuse application parts for different kinds of products. This will work out of the box if every piece of software is continuously and automatically tested, whereas the interface between the...

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quapona® technologies Explores Go – The Go Tools (Part 3)

The Go Gopher

In the second part of our Go series, we’ve learned how to install Go, setup the environment and compile our first Go program. In this part we will get to know Go's build-in tools. A full overview of all available Go commands can be found here. While installing Go not only build tools will be installed, but also several other tools, which ease the process of development, deployment and code management. You’ve already used three of the Go tools while following the last article (go env, go...

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  • How microservices make many things simpler 17.05.2016

    The microservices architecture pattern (also known as ‘self-contained system’) divides a system into many small, simple modules. But, taken as a whole, many small parts result in a more complex system – right?

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  • Embedded world 2016 22.02.2016

    For years, the ‘Embedded World Exhibition & Conference’ has been attracting large numbers of visitors and is considered to be the leading international fair for embedded systems, appealing to students, young entrepreneurs and industry giants in equal measure with its complex range of products and services.

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  • ISPO 2016 23.01.2016

    This year's ISPO gets underway tomorrow in Munich and runs from the 24th to 27.01.2016. The four-day event has been a popular meeting place for the international sport business elite for over 40 years.

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Forschung und Entwicklung 2016 printAls deutsches Forschungs- und Entwicklungsunternehmen unterstützen wir aktiv die Forschungslandschaft in Deutschland. Hierfür wurde quapona technologies mit dem Forschungssiegel des Stifterverbandes ausgezeichnet.